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  • Wednesday, 1 February 2017

    Top # 5 Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids

    Top # 5 Sweet Happy Fathers Day Poems From Kids

    A Dad Like A BROTHER 

    Wouldn't you say it's TIME father, 

    to become more acquainted with each OTHER. 

    So reveal to me about your life. 

    much the same as I was your sibling. 

    Lets TALK and snicker and have a joke 

    much the same as developed men do. 

    The main man on earth I adore 

    furthermore, I need to know you. 


    A Father MEANS such a variety of things... 

    An understanding heart, 

    A wellspring of quality and bolster ideal from the very START. 

    A consistent preparation to offer assistance 

    In a kind and astute way. 

    With support and pardoning, 

    Regardless of what comes your direction. 

    A unique liberality and dependably fondness, as well. 

    A father implies such a large number of things 

    at the point when he's a man like you.... 


    Hello Pops it's your day 

    That implies today everything is done you way 

    So until the clock strikes twelve 

    You get the chance to pick so get that mind in a dig 

    Bar, golf, what's it to be 

    We can get a group or just you and me 

    Possibly you might want to be shocked 

    You look dumbstruck so will I take that as read 

    Give me a bit time and I will deal with something 

    I can arrange things so don't look in uncertainty 

    I am certain this day will be one of your best Father's day 

    Simply take the path of least resistance and for once do it my way 


    You were dependably there when I required you 

    Empowering, supporting every one of the things I utilized 

    to do 

    Demonstrating to me the approach 

    I was astonished at the things you would know 

    Father will sort it I can hear myself say 

    also, you did you know in your tranquil way 

    So with regards right up 'til the present time of the year 

    I attempt to show you in my way exactly how much 

    I give it a second thought 

    Upbeat fathers day to the Greatest Dad in the World 


    Daddy I adore you - you are a superb man 

    You play amusements with me and settle my toys when you can 

    So I have put loads of KISSES in this card 

    I trust you like it as I made a decent attempt 


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